Easter Brunch Buffet at Restaurant 101, Enderun Colleges

It was mom’s idea why we went to Enderun Colleges to have a brunch buffet with my brother. Since it was Easter Sunday naman, we took the opportunity of going to the Event and I expected it to be so posh.

Here’s the poster of the event, it has indicated the foods being served there too. It only has few choices to choose from and since they’re just only serving for brunch.

I studied at Enderun Colleges for only 1 sem and the reason I ended schooling there is that I, myself, don’t even know, too. Maybe because that time, the campus was still at Ortigas and I find the transpo so far far away from home which is in Alabang, Muntinlupa pa.

I missed my Enderun days already, I miss serving different faces of people dining-in in Enderun’s application restaurant Restaurant 101. Those days are short but fun, knew a lot of friends too as well as those professional professors. I wish I could turn back time.

It was my mom’s choice for me to study Culinary Arts or Hotel Administration. I had a scholarship at Enderun too for being good in creating a 2-page essay stating my greatest achievement or goals in life. Ahhhh what a good good life noh? I miss!

Meanwhile, we are waiting for our soup to be served and our food service attendant is a Korean Student haha. So cute of her. She speaks English a little but we can understand naman her and she wrote down our orders quickly naman.

Here is the Pouched Egg! It was my brother’s favorite of all he ate in the event. Lol




Floral Top from Zara, Wide Leg Pants from House of Eva, Pointed Flats from Zara, Pearl Necklace from Forever 21


Today I received my grade of 3 from my MSCIETY or Multimedia and Society class. I’m so happy about it! I passed my pre-thesis subject! Oh college, I want to end you sooner. I can graduate next year at maybe July or October, we’ll never know. I will give mama good grades in return from all the stupid things I’ve done before.

Starting today, I promise not to post anything about what I’m doing in college or maybe only a few about it because really, I think my batchmates will not ever relate to my topic anymore and since they’re not schooling anymore. I have to adjust myself haha. I have only few friends who are still studying today in school but never been go crazy with them.

But since I’m starting to include fashion in my personal and college life(damn kung kelan ang taba taba ko na), I’m starting to get serious in money making not to mention I’m handling my own Retail company, Mcclaugherty. It’s fun though tiring to handle an online shop, in fact, I’m hiring advertisers now as well as interns.

Leopard prints are a must to every woman in the world. I want to have everything in Leopard Prints. I have so many in my wishlists, thanks to Evernote to make me take down websites, online stores and products I wanted to buy in the future, for my online store and for my online reference.

So much of this blurry image and I think it’s an art lol




Top | Mango
Leopard Print Trousers | Forever 21
Pointed Flats | Zara
Necklace | Fayeness

Florals and DLSU Jacket

It’s been a while since I last posted an outfit post. I miss taking #OOTD photos. Sorry because I felt like I’m not that confident being fat wearing the clothes in Medium-Large sizes not unlike before my size ranges from Small-Medium. I want to get slimmer again. I promise not to post foods anymore and not to tolerate any food posts from other friends as well. Today, I promise not to eat a lot but I ended up ordering Tofu Steak from Hanako, well, blame it to mama! Huhu

I always liked it matching plain white top to colorful and printed trousers, skirs or shorts to make the whole outfit not so boring. I scored this Floral Pants from my store, Mcclaugherty and the suppliers are from the US of A.

Yes, I’m so fatty. I gained weight eversince last year and promised to get slimmer this year.

Last April first week, I bought both La Salle Jacket from Soul Achiever and CSB Jacket from Green Fusion. I’m still waiting for my CSB Jacket though.

Top | Mango
Flats | Zara
Floral Trousers | Mcclaugherty
Bag | Forever 21
La Salle Jacket | Soul Achiever Manila