Demo Reel 2014

For once in our Multimedia Arts Student Life, we are atleast required to create our own Demo Reel for our Portfolio class. But for me, this is a somewhat important matter when you want to apply for a job especially in a Creative Industry. You must really impress your Employer to show how far can you go and to know if you have the ability they are looking for. Showcasing past and present works, be it static or dynamic, will do and as much as possible, make it moveable or eye catchy to make your audience feel hyped.

This is my Demo Reel, not that so proud. If given long enough time, maybe I can make a lot of Visual Effects for this Demo Reel shit, lol jk. Seriously, I feel cool with this haha

Demo Reel 2014 from Stephanie Nakagawa on Vimeo.


All restos in Shangrila definitely are good spots to hang with people you most likely hang and talk with. Since I own a Shangrila Gourmet Card c/o Shangrila, I invited my family to enjoy its perks by simply trying to dine in all restos that can be only found in all Shangrila Hotels in the Philippines. The Shangrila Gourmet Card is being offered to potential frequent Shang diners exclusively and by-invite only promotions.

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Red Letter Day


We celebrate our date of birth yearly with our lovely parents and siblings as well as few friends close to our hearts cherishing every seconds getting old.

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Photographer Issues

Days before our finals week in school, I planned to have a one little whole day photoshoot with my Elementary friends helping me to be my model, make up artist and scene director. Once again, I’m very thankful for the help of these people, without them, I might not pass my subject CREAPHO or Creative Photography class. It was a one time opportunity where we experienced a lot of trials in one fine day.


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Buddha Bar


This fine dining experience at Buddha Bar was definitely not my first time to take a bite in fine dining.

It was year 2007 when I was first introduced to work and study about Fine Dining Restaurants at Enderun Colleges way back before when it was still located at the heart of Ortigas. I’m currently enrolled that time in this subject called F&B 101(Food & Beverages 101) where we, students, act like a typical Food Service Attendant or waitresses in this Fine Dining Resto called Restaurant 101. We were tasked to set the table, accommodate the customers, making customers feel welcomed and honored, take down orders, serve customer’s orders, making them enjoy their food and satisfy them in their fine dining experience.

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